Welcome to Thilawa Resettlement Income Restoration Program


Income Restoration Program (IRP) in Thilawa SEZ , which is in-kind assistance, is provided in order to restore and stabilize the livelihood activities and income source of PAPs.

IRP focuses on diversified economic activity for PAPs to generate earned income in a short period which will be able to cover the basic needs of PAPs after relocation. It supports for capacity development of PAPs in necessary techniques for income earning activity and empowers PAPs to obtain stable job opportunity.


Posted: 2019-08-30
As a part of income restoration program activities, the basic foodstuffs (rice and oil) were provided for those 53 family members from 23 households who are eligible with Vulnerable People Program criteria on 27th August 2019.
Posted: 2019-08-19
Community consultation meeting was held on 18th August 2019 at Zone B relocation site. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss about the infrastructures improvement and renovation at Zone B relocation site. Total (44) participants including Zone B PAPs, residents from Zone B relocation site, JICA Expert Team and Public Affair Coordinator from TSMC attended the meeting. During the meeting, Zone B relocation site community committee was organized by choosing the members from participants.

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