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The resettlement site for residential area of Zone B PAHs was developed from 2017. The total 4.2 ha of residential area has infrastructure such as concrete access roads, water wells, drainage and electricity and public facility of community centers. The video shows series of programs which were implemented by TSMC and activities of the community of Zone B PAHs.

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May 26, 2023

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Mar 06, 2021

Project Overview

Thilawa SEZ is the first Special Economic Zone established in Myanmar. It is led by both Myanmar and Japanese governments and their private companies. Series of land acquisition and relocation and resettlement of Project Affected Persons (PAPs) is led under the responsibility of the Yangon Regional Government(YRG). Thilawa SEZ Management Committee and Yangon Regional Government(YRG) cooperated to undertake the relocation and resettlement of PAPs while adhering to the international practices. The Resettlement Work Plan(RWP) which describes the procedure and requirements of land acquisition and relocation is formulated by YRG and it ensures a responsible commitment by Myanmar Government including Income Restoration Program (IRP), monitoring, complaint management, and multiple-stakeholders.

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Under the policy of development of Thilawa SEZ, Myanmar government issued three official notices to people residing and/or cultivating land inside Thilawa Special Economic Zone(TSEZ)of Zone A and B between August 2012 and January 2013.

In February 2013, consultation meetings were initiated with potentially affected persons. In April 2013, work commenced on a Socio-Economic Census (Census) in the SEZ area, followed by a Detailed Measurement Survey (DMS) from June 2013. From those surveys, data such as construction structure, cultivation area of Project Affected Peoples (PAPs) and socio-economic situation of PAPs were identified.

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The Income Restoration Program (IRP) is being provided as in-kind assistance to restore and stabilize the livelihood activities and income source of Project Affected Persons(PAPs). It supports the establishment of stable livelihoods for PAPs while taking advantage of the development of economic activity in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone(TSEZ).
The IRP consists of vocational training, technical advice and other support. In particular, it is oriented towards assisting PAPs to access job opportunities in and around the TSEZ as skilled labour and to be engaged in small businesses or employed in factories.

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The Income Restoration Program(IRP) has been fully monitored by both 3rd-parties and several project committees. Monitoring methods follow the guidelines of Asian Development Bank(ADB)to meet requirements of international good practice.

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The proposal for a Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Group (MSAG) to advise on the implementation of the Thilawa Special Economic Zone(SEZ) Phase 1 project. In particular, the resettlement program was put forward as a direct outcome of the Investigation Report by the Examiner for JICA Guidelines for Environmental and Social Considerations (November 2014), and in response to recommendations from the external monitoring and evaluation conducted for the Phase 1 resettlement program.

It was also in response to civil society interest and concerns about the resettlement program and Government of Myanmar (GoM) recognition that broader stakeholder engagement would assist in resolving some ongoing challenges.

*MSAG meeting has been transformed into a Thilawa Community Coordination(TCC) Meeting and is still being held.

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The Thilawa Special Economic Zone Complaints Management Procedure (TCMP) supports stakeholders to raise questions or concerns with the Thilawa Special Economic Zone (TSEZ) and have them addressed in a prompt and respectful manner. The TSEZ aims to address all complaints received, regardless of whether they stem from real or perceived issues. Any stakeholder who considers themselves affected by the TSEZ’s activities will have access to this mechanism at no cost.

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