Seminars for Social Performance of Land Acquisition, Resettlement & IRP

To Promote Social Performance at Thilawa SEZ : Social Performance Guideline

To encourage responsible investment and create an enabling environment for responsible business conduct within the SEZ, it was considered essential to develop a suite of policies for the SEZ that would promote sustainable development in terms of social, labour and human rights.

Environmental, Health, Safety & Security, Social & Communities, Human Resources & Recruitment Policies have been drafted for the SEZ in accordance with the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs). These policies are currently being reviewed for finalisation.

In August 2015, the Thilawa SEZ Management Committee (TSMC) issued Notice No. 04/2015 Notice to Ensure the Responsible Investment in the Thilawa SEZ. This notice can be accessed here:

In May 2016, the TSMC issued a Notice to Investors or Locators regarding the Anti-Corruption Declaration. This notice can be accessed here:

Other guidance is currently under development in regards to: Myanmar labour law; environmental protection and management; and stakeholder and community engagement, complaints and grievances.

To share experience on Land Acquisition , Resettlement, Income Restoration Program

The Seminar on Good Practice Approaches to Land Acquisition & Resettlement Seminar was conducted by Thilawa Special Economic Zone Management Committee (TSEZMC), a main organizer, in collaboration with co organizers of JICA and MCRB on 5th December, 2016. Another Seminar on Good Practice Social Considerations for Public and Private Developments was held by JICA as a main organizer on 26th and 27th July, 2017.Participants from TSEZMC, MCRB, JICA, MOC, MJTD, Dawei SEZ, Myanmar Post and Telecommunication and Myanma Railway attended this seminar for sharing the experience on Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Income Restoration Program.

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Seminar on “Good Practice Approaches to Land Acquisition & Resettlement Seminar” (December, 2016)

IRP Presentation on Resettlement Seminar.pdf

Seminar Good Practice Land Acquisition and Resettlement.pdf

Seminar on “Good Practice Social Considerations for Public and Private Developments” (July, 2017)

Session 1_Social Consideration _Performance.pdf

Session 2_ Resettlement & Income Restoration Program.pdf

Session 3_Responsible Business, Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)and Creating Shared Value.pdf

Session 4_Stakeholder Engagement.pdf

Session 5_Grievance and Complaint Management.pdf

Session 6_Social Impact Assessment&Management.pdf