Community Workshop with Zone B PAPs: The agreement for water usage charges and collects the other relevant data (18th Feb, 2018)

On 18th Feb, 2018, a community workshop was held by TSMC at Zone B relocation site and supported by JET in order to get the agreements for water usage charges. 57 participants attended the workshop. Firstly, water usages and charges, maintenance for water supply system and the roles and responsibilities for accountant were explained. During the workshop, participants requested to reduce the water unit charges and made a negotiation with TSMC and JET. After the negotiation, 300 Kyats per unit for water charge is confirmed and 53 households signed on the agreements. Then, the other relevant data regarding with NRC and Census issue, land title permits and job matching process were collected respectively. After that, the toilet issues were discussed and visited to 4 houses to check the sample toilets.